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MARCH, 2018



Oklahoma City

“Let’s just ask Nick, he will know”. And with that statement came the birth of the Oklahoma City band Nicnos. After playing an open mike night for fun several years back, the young musicians were asked the band’s name. After a few awkward looks at each other, the words Nick Knows came out as a response. This was an inside joke among the friends about Nick always knowing the answers to almost everything. Nic being the guitarist Nick Sigman and “nos” being a play on knows to match “nic”.

As for the remainder of the band, they are lead singer and lyricist Josh Cox, drummer, Jerred Bauer and bassist Parker Rhea. The band formed in 2009 with its original line-up which then consisted of bassist, Jared Gaiser who played in high school with Bauer and both were state jazz champions. Fiddle player Blake Parks joined them in 2011 and together they formed a unique rock sound.

Nicnos Video.

For the last nine years, the band has seen a few changes. The main one is the leaving of Blake Parks. As a fiddler player, Parks brought a very unique twang to an otherwise all rock band. Cox said that Parks ventured off do play more Bluegrass type music and now has his own band Steelwind. They are very happy and supportive of him, Cox said. They are a four piece rock band again, Cox said.
“We were always feeling more rock n roll. Throughout our entire career, we always wanted to be more rock and so with this new album and writing it and all, it just felt like a good time to part ways. We could go on to do our thing and he could do his. We were really excited that it was amicable and that we could part ways and all continue playing music”.

“We were always feeling more rock n roll. Throughout our entire career, we always wanted to be more rock and so with this new album and writing it and all, it just felt like a good time to part ways.”

The former sound with the fiddle was a unique one that certainly set them apart. But it has always been the rock sound and soulful bellowing of Cox’s voice that is at the forefront of the music. The lyrics grow out of everyday personal struggles people go through is their inspiration and also gives them a connection to the fans that is not generic They do not, however, wish to make a specific point with the music, but more so leave the songs open for interpretation by the listener with the underlying theme always being that “music is life and life is full of crazy stuff”.

Cox explained that they were nervous initially following the leaving of Parks; not sure how the fans would react without the fiddle sounding through the rock riffs and bass lines that they had come to know. He went on to say that they were pleasantly surprised that the fans stuck by them. Although it was disappointing to the fans that the fiddle element was absent, they embraced the new sound that will become their new album due out later this year.

“We were playing a lot of the new material in our sets trying to get feedback and the transition has been one of the most gratifying times for me musically having the fans give so much positive feedback so quickly,” Cox said. He added that it was a relief that fans were not complaining or asking why they weren’t playing the old songs.

The band is also moving into the YouTube arena. Cox explained that in the past this had not been something that they pursued, but fans have posted over 200 videos of their live shows. The members feel like it is time to move into that digital area and with the help of bass player Parker Rhea, who is very talented with video and film production as well as a phenomenal musician. With his skills as part of their arsenal, they knew it was the right time to move into the digital aspect of music. “Rhea is the band’s Swiss army knife who can do anything and everything,” Cox quipped. Getting digital content out to the fans has since become a priority for the band,” Cox said. Although it is new territory, it is the digital age and musicians must keep up with the technology that fans are using.

In addition, the guys have put out two albums, Nicnos I and Nicnos II both of which are currently on Spotify, Pandora, Itunes, Amazon Music and Google Play.
To listen to Cox talk about the band and hear his passion for the music and performing it live, it is obvious that he has that same passion during his vocal performances on stage. All the members love performing live and this is obvious to anyone who watches one of their shows. The live performances seem to be the energy that the members use to stay plugged into their desire to continue making music. The members also all work day jobs and continually use the revenues earned to invest into the art of creating and playing music for their fans. It’s not about the money after nine years, it’s about the relationship they continually build with the fans who invest their time and interest in this Oklahoma City band.

To catch one of their upcoming shows mark your calendar. Nicnos has shows scheduled for March 23 in Conway, Arkansas at Kings Live Music, April 20 at Ponca City Arts & Humanities and May 12 at the Cain’s Ball Room in Tulsa. For more information about the band, check out their Facebook Page.

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