Can of Center Stage Pilsner

Renaissance Brewing Company – Center Stage

Oklahoma has become quite popular in recent years with the art of brewing craft beers. In fact, small breweries have popped up all over the state. We at Uniquelahoma thought we would introduce you to a few of the homegrown brews out there. We have joined up with several breweries who will be sending us some of their favorites to share with you, our readers. We hope you love learning about these beers and breweries as much as we love sharing their craft with you.

“Brewed in collaboration with Cain’s Ballroom. Center Stage Pilsner is an Italian Pilsner-style beer made with a large portion of German Pilsner malt and noble European hops to give it a floral aroma and hint of lemongrass. During the lagering process, a small number of select hops were added to create an overall dry, balanced, and crushable lager. Perfect for refreshing the music lovers that gather at Cain’s Ballroom.”

Green Renaissance logo

ABV: 4.6% – IBU: 30 – SRM: 3.6

Renaissance Brewing Company

Unique Beer – Uniquelahoma

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