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Oklahoma has become quite popular in recent years with the art of brewing craft beers. In fact, small breweries have popped up all over the state. We at Uniquelahoma thought we would introduce you to a few of the homegrown brews out there. We have joined up with several breweries who will be sending us some of their favorites to share with you, our readers. We hope you love learning about these beers and breweries as much as we love sharing their craft with you.

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El Jefe, “A Mexican style lager that is highly crushable for those hot Oklahoma summer days when you need a special beer that celebrates the end of a hard day. It’s even more enjoyable when basking in the sun at the lake or river with your friends. This one was named for our leader, Glenn Hall – the man, the myth, the legend. King of the Pearl 2020 winner.”

ABV: 4.5% – IBU: 17 – SRM: 6.4

Renaissance Brewing Company

El Jefe Mexican Lager


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