Nic ‘Nos’ What The Future Holds

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Date Published: March 22, 2018

Nic ‘Nos’ What The Future Holds


MARCH, 2018



Okla­homa City

“Let’s just ask Nick, he will know”. And with that state­ment came the birth of the Okla­homa City band Nic­nos. After play­ing an open mike night for fun sev­er­al years back, the young musi­cians were asked the band’s name. After a few awk­ward looks at each oth­er, the words Nick Knows came out as a response. This was an inside joke among the friends about Nick always know­ing the answers to almost every­thing. Nic being the gui­tarist Nick Sig­man and “nos” being a play on knows to match “nic”.

As for the remain­der of the band, they are lead singer and lyri­cist Josh Cox, drum­mer, Jerred Bauer and bassist Park­er Rhea. The band formed in 2009 with its orig­i­nal line-up which then con­sist­ed of bassist, Jared Gais­er who played in high school with Bauer and both were state jazz cham­pi­ons. Fid­dle play­er Blake Parks joined them in 2011 and togeth­er they formed a unique rock sound.

Nic­nos Video.

For the last nine years, the band has seen a few changes. The main one is the leav­ing of Blake Parks. As a fid­dler play­er, Parks brought a very unique twang to an oth­er­wise all rock band. Cox said that Parks ven­tured off do play more Blue­grass type music and now has his own band Steel­wind. They are very hap­py and sup­port­ive of him, Cox said. They are a four piece rock band again, Cox said.
“We were always feel­ing more rock n roll. Through­out our entire career, we always want­ed to be more rock and so with this new album and writ­ing it and all, it just felt like a good time to part ways. We could go on to do our thing and he could do his. We were real­ly excit­ed that it was ami­ca­ble and that we could part ways and all con­tin­ue play­ing music”.

“We were always feel­ing more rock n roll. Through­out our entire career, we always want­ed to be more rock and so with this new album and writ­ing it and all, it just felt like a good time to part ways.”

The for­mer sound with the fid­dle was a unique one that cer­tain­ly set them apart. But it has always been the rock sound and soul­ful bel­low­ing of Cox’s voice that is at the fore­front of the music. The lyrics grow out of every­day per­son­al strug­gles peo­ple go through is their inspi­ra­tion and also gives them a con­nec­tion to the fans that is not gener­ic They do not, how­ev­er, wish to make a spe­cif­ic point with the music, but more so leave the songs open for inter­pre­ta­tion by the lis­ten­er with the under­ly­ing theme always being that “music is life and life is full of crazy stuff”.

Cox explained that they were ner­vous ini­tial­ly fol­low­ing the leav­ing of Parks; not sure how the fans would react with­out the fid­dle sound­ing through the rock riffs and bass lines that they had come to know. He went on to say that they were pleas­ant­ly sur­prised that the fans stuck by them. Although it was dis­ap­point­ing to the fans that the fid­dle ele­ment was absent, they embraced the new sound that will become their new album due out lat­er this year.

“We were play­ing a lot of the new mate­r­i­al in our sets try­ing to get feed­back and the tran­si­tion has been one of the most grat­i­fy­ing times for me musi­cal­ly hav­ing the fans give so much pos­i­tive feed­back so quick­ly,” Cox said. He added that it was a relief that fans were not com­plain­ing or ask­ing why they weren’t play­ing the old songs.

The band is also mov­ing into the YouTube are­na. Cox explained that in the past this had not been some­thing that they pur­sued, but fans have post­ed over 200 videos of their live shows. The mem­bers feel like it is time to move into that dig­i­tal area and with the help of bass play­er Park­er Rhea, who is very tal­ent­ed with video and film pro­duc­tion as well as a phe­nom­e­nal musi­cian. With his skills as part of their arse­nal, they knew it was the right time to move into the dig­i­tal aspect of music. “Rhea is the band’s Swiss army knife who can do any­thing and every­thing,” Cox quipped. Get­ting dig­i­tal con­tent out to the fans has since become a pri­or­i­ty for the band,” Cox said. Although it is new ter­ri­to­ry, it is the dig­i­tal age and musi­cians must keep up with the tech­nol­o­gy that fans are using.

In addi­tion, the guys have put out two albums, Nic­nos I and Nic­nos II both of which are cur­rent­ly on Spo­ti­fy, Pan­do­ra, Itunes, Ama­zon Music and Google Play.
To lis­ten to Cox talk about the band and hear his pas­sion for the music and per­form­ing it live, it is obvi­ous that he has that same pas­sion dur­ing his vocal per­for­mances on stage. All the mem­bers love per­form­ing live and this is obvi­ous to any­one who watch­es one of their shows. The live per­for­mances seem to be the ener­gy that the mem­bers use to stay plugged into their desire to con­tin­ue mak­ing music. The mem­bers also all work day jobs and con­tin­u­al­ly use the rev­enues earned to invest into the art of cre­at­ing and play­ing music for their fans. It’s not about the mon­ey after nine years, it’s about the rela­tion­ship they con­tin­u­al­ly build with the fans who invest their time and inter­est in this Okla­homa City band.

To catch one of their upcom­ing shows mark your cal­en­dar. Nic­nos has shows sched­uled for March 23 in Con­way, Arkansas at Kings Live Music, April 20 at Pon­ca City Arts & Human­i­ties and May 12 at the Cain’s Ball Room in Tul­sa. For more infor­ma­tion about the band, check out their Face­book Page.

C.L. Harmon

C.L. Harmon

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