Find Your Oklahoma Fireworks and Freedom Celebrations – 2018

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Celebrate the 4th of July all over Oklahoma with fireworks.  Here is a list of celebrations we know about coming up.  Not all are just on the 4th, rather on several different days!

There will be live music, food trucks, fireworks, and fun at some of the various events.  Click on the events below for the location and day you want to know more about.  There are so many events planned for this 4th of July that they are starting days in advance!  As we continue to locate information on the events happening in Oklahoma we will update THIS post.

Autonomy Anniversary, Emancipation Festivity, Liberation Jubilee, Self-determination memorialization, sovereignty spree, enfranchisement jollification… call it however you want.  Just make sure you show up!  Don’t know where to go?  Now you do!

Check often and tell your friends and family where you got your info.  Uniquelahoma is dedicated to finding these events and letting you know!

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Celebrations on July 1st


Celebrations on July 2nd


Celebrations on July 3rd


Celebrations on July 4th


















Celebrations already passed




Be sure to check out our other events on the Uniquelahoma Event Calendar!

If you would like for us to post about your event let us know.  We would love to hear from you.  Uniquelahoma is a very active community. We welcome you to join us in celebrating the unique, weird, and inspiring aspects of our lovely state.  Do you want to have the opportunity to let everyone know about your events? Here is your chance!


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Nathan Johns



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