Shout Out to Oklahoma Award-Winning Artist Frank Lorenzo!

Artwork by Frank Lorenzo
Author: C.L. Harmon
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Date Published: December 13, 2020

Shout Out to Okla­homa award-win­ning artist Frank Loren­zo who had a selec­tion of his art col­lec­tion on dis­play at the Price Tow­er Arts Cen­ter in Bartlesville. The show, ele­gant­ly labeled ‘A ret­ro­spec­tive of a Life Inspired,’ show­cas­es sev­er­al of Lorenzo’s paint­ings and sculp­tures from through­out his career. 

In addi­tion, these pieces were also avail­able for pur­chase. The show is part of the Arkansas Ter­ri­to­ry Col­lec­tion, which was com­prised of 80 works of art by artists from nine states. Each piece rep­re­sent­ed a point in time dur­ing the his­to­ry of the Arkansas Ter­ri­to­ry that cov­ered a vast his­to­ry of two cen­turies. For Loren­zo, though, it was about much more than just a peri­od of his­to­ry; it was about life.“The show at Price Tow­er cov­ers the life sto­ry of my art. 

It began in 1956 with win­ning an art home course and the start of my art car­ri­er. Then moves to my stud­ies and inspi­ra­tion of Picas­so and a series of art. I was then mov­ing to my response to the Viet­nam war. Then my inspi­ra­tion for the Andrew Wyeth series. I was then lead­ing to my art style as what I do now. My pri­vate col­lec­tion of work is a reflec­tion of my com­mit­ment to art,” Loren­zo said.

Frank Lorenzo’s art was dis­played at the Arts Cen­ter through Jan­u­ary 3, and admis­sion to the gallery is free. The gallery is open Mon­day-Sun­day from 10 am‑8 pm and is locat­ed at 510 Dewey Avenue in Bartlesville. 

Frank Lorenzo’s Art

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C.L. Harmon

C.L. Harmon

C.L. is an award-winning journalist who spent many years in the newspaper and freelance fields. In addition to holding reporting and editing positions throughout his career, he also owned and operated a newspaper for several years. He was born, raised, and continues to reside in Oklahoma.


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