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Read on but please check back as I will add to this soon (Spencer)


Unique­la­homa is the cre­ation of CL Har­mon and me (Spencer Heckathorn). Our orig­i­nal aim was to make some­thing that fea­tured the unique things of Okla­homa espe­cial­ly the peo­ple. We both love the indi­vid­ual sto­ries of the lives of the peo­ple we meet or know, and one of the things we talked about was how cool it would be to get to meet and know even more people!

I think we have done a good job of this so far. We keep our eye and mind on the peo­ple we meet and when­ev­er we come across some­one that is doing some­thing cool we are like “hey do you want to have an arti­cle writ­ten about you?” Some­times they shy away and it takes a lit­tle coax­ing, oth­er times they are excit­ed about the prospect. And this is where and how most of the peo­ple fea­tured have end­ed up on here so far.

We have a pod­cast in the works orig­i­nal­ly we were record­ing the audio for this but the edit­ing and oth­er issues have led us to some­thing bet­ter. Now we do YouTube live! We don’t have a set sched­ule for this but will soon. For now, you can expect us to share the announce­ment when it hap­pens on social media 🙂

Some­thing else that we dream about is the day we start to make some mon­ey from our efforts. I look for­ward to the prospect of trav­el­ing around to the unique places and learn­ing about the unique his­to­ries of our state. CL is real­ly look­ing for­ward to meet­ing more peo­ple face to face instead of over the phone.

Don’t for­get to check back here in the near future as I devel­op this page and add more information!