Across the Board G.R. Carter is the Favorite

Across the Board G.R. Carter is the Favorite

With a boyish charm and subtle humor coming across the cell waves, our conversation began with, “well that’s what people call me,” when I asked if I could call him G.R. I could imagine that being said with a slight inner chuckle. His politeness and gentle verbal...

The Place Where Cowboys Call Home

The Place Where Cowboys Call Home

What do you get when you mix cowboys, jail doors, guns, a Hollywood icon, and horse saddles together? If you’re thinking blockbuster western, you would be wrong...well at least for this article you would be. For this compilation, you need to be thinking museums. And...



What is Uniquelahoma?

Perhaps to start, defining what we are not is the best way to describe us. We are not a news source to find the latest local and world events or a magazine to...

Unique Quote

Doing what is right costs. It costs something we value; something which hurts to lose. As such, it becomes easier to hold onto what we give worth, than to let it go and invest in the greater good. And within the good that is lost is the cost we ultimately pay for placing more value on ourselves than on others. Holding onto to more in hopes of losing less only has true worth if others see that value. And no one places worth on selfishness and arrogance because they gain nothing from it. They value what is gained more by others’ humility and sacrifice. - C.L. Harmon