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“It just doesn’t work that way”. We have all heard it and we have all fought against it at one point. But it’s a futile bat­tle we are des­tined to lose. The ele­ments mak­ing up cre­ation are not designed for our per­son­al agen­da; it is designed to func­tion the exact oppo­site. When we final­ly under­stand that shar­ing and pro­vid­ing in uni­son with cre­ation improves flows and pros­pers because its very nature is to rec­i­p­ro­cate. If you only focus on what you can’t have, all you will ever have is what you can’t have. — C.L. Harmon

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A met­al sculp­ture of days passed on Otoe trib­al land in Newkirk. A beau­ti­ful reminder of how many Native Amer­i­cans once lived.

Pho­to by — C.L. Harmon

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