Haunted Spook Lights Of Oklahoma

Author: Eric Neher
Date Published: October 16, 2020

In 1946 a small pla­toon of mil­i­tary men arrived in the des­o­late north­east cor­ner of the Soon­er State. This was not a top-secret oper­a­tion or retrieval of hid­den Nazi’s. These men were tasked with some­thing much more obscure and baf­fling. The mis­sion? Deter­mine the cause of what has become known as The Spook Lights of the Devil’s Promenade.

This ter­ri­fy­ing­ly named event lies on East 50th Road near the Okla­homa and Mis­souri state-line near the town Peo­ria. The phe­nom­e­non has been well doc­u­ment­ed and was first report­ed in the 1880s. There are plen­ty of pho­tographs and even videos of these strange lights. Even more inter­est­ing, is the fact you can only see them while fac­ing west on the Okla­homa side. Why would this be? Reflec­tions? The refract­ed shine of some stel­lar object? The Army could not con­clude, only say­ing that it was a mys­te­ri­ous light of unknown origin.

As I read on, it became very clear that there was far too much infor­ma­tion about this spot to sim­ply brush away as sim­ple rumor. The next day I, and my pho­tog­ra­ph­er, who also dou­bles as a nurse; because at my age you nev­er know, began our six­ty-minute jour­ney. This seclud­ed road real­ly does sit out in the land of nowhere and for a while, we weren’t even sure that we were at the right spot. The sun was just begin­ning to touch the west­ern hori­zon and I was becom­ing anx­ious. It was then that a car topped a hill in front of me, where I stood fid­get­ing in place. It was an old con­vert­ible Mus­tang being dri­ven by a mid­dle-aged woman with a per­pet­u­al smile. She saw us and brought the car to a stop.

“You lookin’ for the lights?” she said.

“We are,” I said.

“You’re in the right spot,” she chimed out. She then point­ed back from the way she had just come and told us to keep our eyes on the near­est hill. I looked back, not­ing the loca­tion, and also noticed that an even taller hill stood behind it. The nice lady then pro­ceed­ed to tell us how she had seen them a cou­ple of times, her­self. Once while parked with her boyfriend back in her younger days. I noticed that her eyes seemed to con­tain a mys­te­ri­ous glow of their own as she reliv­ed the mem­o­ry and decid­ed not to fur­ther pur­sue the top­ic. We thanked her for the infor­ma­tion and she drove on.

Anoth­er vehi­cle crest­ed the hill to our west and stopped for a chat. The man behind the wheel con­firmed what the lady had told us. By then the sun had fall­en behind the rip­pled sky­line, car­pet­ing the land in shad­ows.  We gave him a cor­dial thank you and watched as he drove on.

I gazed back to the west, not­ing the deep­en­ing shade of sky and then they appeared. It was as if a camp­fire had sud­den­ly ignit­ed, an orange glow that seemed to hov­er on the near­est hill, becom­ing brighter. At first, I was sure that it had to be anoth­er car illu­mi­nat­ed in the dis­tance, but it nev­er moved. I watched in dis­be­lief as the orange light changed to yel­low and then a heat­ed blue. It was like watch­ing a puls­ing star going through its cycle of life.

“Maybe we should dri­ve towards it,” my trusty cam­era oper­a­tor said. She was right, and yet I hes­i­tat­ed. I had read that once you pur­sue the appari­tion it dis­ap­pears and you will nev­er see it again.

“Let’s take pic­tures, first,” I said. She had no more than snapped two pho­tos when the light split apart. There were now two float­ing orbs less than a half-mile away and they appeared to be danc­ing. There are many myths and leg­ends that come with this place; one being how a min­er lost his fam­i­ly and for­ev­er con­tin­ues to search, anoth­er con­tains ele­ments of the extra-ter­res­tri­al kind. But as I watched these shim­mer­ing balls of ener­gy sway­ing, I couldn’t help but think of the sto­ry about the two Native Amer­i­can lovers. Much like a Shake­speare­an tragedy, they were for­bid­den by tribe to see each oth­er. At some point, the word of the elders mat­tered lit­tle, and they ran off togeth­er, nev­er to be seen again. Or maybe what hap­pened to them was some­thing a lit­tle more sin­is­ter; per­haps they had nev­er left at all, but had been stopped in some hor­rif­ic manner.

This was the tale that latched onto me, and as I watched the two lights drift­ing back towards each oth­er, I could almost feel their long­ing. I know this sounds strange, but it was like watch­ing two burn­ing mag­nets being slow­ly drawn togeth­er. With­in moments, they joined, again becom­ing one and blast­ing a bril­liant blue light. The beam lit for only a sec­ond, and then began to fade until dis­ap­pear­ing, leav­ing me frozen.

“What the hell was that?” my shocked assis­tant said.

I only stood there, my jaw reach­ing for the ground. I had no answer. With an effort,  I regained some sem­blance of com­po­sure and looked around for any­thing that might help debunk what­ev­er it was that we just saw. There was a cell­phone tow­er flash­ing its red warn­ing lights in the dis­tance, but the lights were far too high and were red in col­or. I searched for signs of anoth­er road, where per­haps vehi­cle lights could be over­lap­ping, cre­at­ing some kind of opti­cal illu­sion. But I saw nothing.

“Let’s dri­ve over to the spot,” I said, finally.

Togeth­er, we climbed into the truck and made our way to the next hill. I took my best guess at where I thought the lights had been com­ing from but all I could find were fall­en leaves and an emp­ty soda can. After a few more spec­u­la­tive min­utes we decid­ed to head back feel­ing both exhil­a­rat­ed and con­fused. This was by far the most inter­est­ing trip into the unknown that I have ever expe­ri­enced. There had been no need for EVP recorders or EMF meters, the proof had seemed hap­py enough to present itself. We drove back with con­vo­lut­ed the­o­ries spew­ing out, each one as unlike­ly as the next.

The truth is; some­thing is there. And much like the Unit­ed States Army and the hun­dreds of oth­ers who have expe­ri­enced the phan­tas­mal glow; I couldn’t begin to tell you what it is.

But it is there.


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