Uniquelahoma — Just A Small Look At Where We Are

Date Published: September 8, 2017

Who’s Working Here:

Unique­la­homa is very much “in the works” while CL and Jes­si­ca are hard at work gath­er­ing up sto­ry ideas, inter­view­ing peo­ple, writ­ing, post­ing, etc. I am work­ing behind the scenes to ensure things are run­ning smooth­ly and that they have the tools they need to make things work long term.

I take care of the host­ing, pro­gram­ming, Word­Press Man­age­ment, SEO, and all the oth­er tech­ni­cal con­nec­tions between social media accounts and the web­site. I still have a lot of things to do at this point.

Sometimes Things Aren’t As Expected

Some things are great and work­ing as expect­ed. Oth­ers, how­ev­er, are more or less just work­ing for now. For instance, the email signup pop­up is sup­posed to show once every 30 days and then nev­er again when you sign up. So far this is not what hap­pens, but right now in our ear­ly devel­op­ment while our con­tent release cycles are slow and unpre­dictable it is very impor­tant for us to have a way to get in touch. This impor­tance goes away once we reach the back­log and capac­i­ty to release sto­ries reg­u­lar­ly, but it does­n’t dimin­ish the desire to make that direct connection.

We Are All About Connection

The main rea­son for this entire site is “the con­nec­tion”. We want to build con­nec­tions with the peo­ple that make Okla­homa a unique place. We want you to be able to build con­nec­tions with them as well.

I will keep work­ing away at things doing what I can to move things for­ward and I hope that this site is all you hope it to be, if not now some­time in the near future. Thank you so much for read­ing this, I hope to have one of us mak­ing reg­u­lar updates along the path on our jour­ney to show­case the Unique­ness of Oklahoma.

Spencer Heckathorn

Spencer Heckathorn


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What is Uniquelahoma?

Perhaps to start, defining what we are not is the best way to describe us. We are not a news source to find the latest local and world events or a magazine to...

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Be free of expectation in heart and mind. Have faith in what is possible and confidence in that faith which makes all things possible. Life’s value is not a measure of met or unrealized expectations, but a review of how yesterday’s faith brought about today’s opportunity to believe less in what we expect and further into the miracle of new possibilities. - C.L. Harmon
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